Wandering through Newspaper: a reading on everyday urban life in Guangzhou

Workshop & Exhibition, GAFA, Guangzhou, 12/2017

'My room is situated on the forty-fifth degree of latitude, it forms a long rectangle, thirty-six paces in circumference if you hug the wall. My journey will, however, measure much more than this, as I will be crossing it frequently lengthwise, or else diagonally, without any rule or method.'
Xavier de Maistre, A Journey Around My Room

This workshop aims to spotlight the neglected relation between urban space and individual’s everyday life. It starts from examining the most ordinary object in everyday life, ‘newspaper’, to discover urban spaces and relevant events that are mentioned in the daily newspaper by seeing it as a site and a representation of the city. Inspired by the Situationism International, 11 wanderers from the workshop have tried to explore the concept of ‘mentally wandering’ in the city of Guangzhou, and the connection (in physical, social and psychological aspects) between individuals and those urban spaces.

The following exhibition shows the result and the process of ‘wandering’. Itself is an exhibition of not only the final exhibition but the production of the exhibition.



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