Zhuozhang Li is an urban scholar whose research is established at the intersection of urban studies, visual cultural studies and critical theories. He is currently a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, working on the Cambridge Room project with local communities and groups. 

Prior to Cambridge, he taught and guest lectured at several places, including Canterbury School of Architecture, Liverpool School of Architecture, Hong Kong Academy of Film, Sheffield School of Architecture, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Beijing Institute of Technology and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

Alongside teaching, his recent research-led curatorial and/or artistic practice includes ‘Location, Imagination and Transformation (Design Trust Hong Kong, 2024)’, ‘Planting and Placemaking (UCA & Metal Culture UK, 2024)’, ‘Traces Under the Surface (Beijing, 2023)’, ‘Entre las Flores (Granada, 2022)’, and ‘Knowledge is Power (Tate Liverpool, 2020)’.


Ph.D in Architecture and Urban Studies, CAVA Research, UK, 10/2016-03/2021
MA in Urban Design (Distinction), Sheffield School of Architecture (SSoA), UK, 09/2014-01/2016
BEng in Urban Planning (Hons), Northwest University (NWU), China, 09/2009-07/2014

‘Lo imaginado y lo vivido: un análisis comparativo de La ciudad amurallada de Kowloon en la ciencia ficción ciberpunk y el cine urbano de Hong Kong’, (paper accepted,) IV International Conference Cultura y Ciudad: Communicating Architecture. From the origins of modernity to the digital age, Universidad de Granada, 24/01 - 26/01, 2024

‘Generating Social Sustainability through Placemaking: A Study of Everyday Lived Space in Basha Miao Settlement’, (coauthor with Xiong Yuan,) International Conference of Sustainable Development and Structures (ICSBS 2023), Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, 18 August (published by Springer), 2023

‘Heritage is Creative Generation: An Interview with 12 Hong Kong Based Designers’, Wallpaper* China (media writing)

‘Gender/Space: In the room’, guest lecture, Academy of Film, Hong Kong Baptist University

‘“Made in Hong Kong”: The (Re)production of Publicness in Cinematic Urban Topography of Contemporary Hong Kong’, in Penz, F. and Schupp, J. (eds) The Everyday in Visual Culture: Slices of Lives, Routledge, 158-171, 2022

‘“The Way We Dance”: The (Re)production of Rooftop Space in Hong Kong Urban Cinema’, AHRA 2020 Housing and the City, 17th Annual International Conference of the Architectural Humanities Research Association, 19/11 - 21/11, 2020

‘“Made in Hong Kong”: The (Re)production of Publicness in Cinematic Urban Topography of Contemporary Hong Kong’, Slices of Everyday Lives, University of Cambridge, 19/09 - 20/09, 2019

‘The Fluid City’, (Re)defining the Intersection: Hong Kong Textuality, Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield, 25/01/2019

‘The Cinematic Urban Representation and Socio-Spatial Production’, Young Scholars Symposium, Xi’an, 29/03/2018

‘The Production of Image: from Qingming Scrolls to Situationism International’, Media-City Symposium, Guangzhou, 13/12/2017

‘The Representation of Urban Milieu in Chinese Paintings in the Early 18th Century’, Cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of knowledge-making in the early modern world (1450-1800), London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP) PhD Conference, London, 14/10/2017

‘2047: Fictional Speculations of Civic Space in Consumerism Hong Kong’, MA Thesis, Sheffield, 04/2015-09/2015

‘Designing Urban Heritage Park from a Landscape Urbanism Perspective: The Case of Weiyang Palace in Xi’an’, in Zhu, H. and Quan, D. (eds) The Reinvigoration and Management of Cultural Industry in Urban Heritage Areas, China Science Press, 180-189 [in Chinese]

‘The Commercial Development and Informal Settlements at Urban Heritage Areas’, in Zhu, H. and Quan, D. (eds) Regional Development and Heritage Conservation: The Case of Daming Palace, China Science Press, 144-171 [in Chinese]

Exhibitions and others
Workshops and seminars, Coop Workshop: The City Represented, Bauhaus (Dessau), 10/2017, 11/2018 & 11/2023
Traces under the Surface,
Red River Cultural Art Museum, Beijing, 01/2023 - 04/2023
Entre las Flores, Granada, Spain, 04/2022
Researcher/Artist-in-residence, A Shifting Model of Publicness, Metal UK, Liverpool, 10/2021 - 02/2022
Residency researcher, Knowledge is Power, Tate Liverpool, 01/2020
Group Exhibition, Satellite, LOOK Photo Biennial 2019, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, 15/10 - 25/11, 2019
Group Exhibition, Output Open 2, Output Gallery, Liverpool, 05/2019
Researcher-in-residence, Ed’s Place, PLACED, Liverpool, 08/2018-09/2018
Design Studio Tutor, Urban Planning Department, University of Liverpool, 2018-2020
Graphic Design, Scalarama Film Festival, 06/2017-current
Translator, Till We Have Built Jerusalem: Architects of a New City (Chinese Edition)’, Beijing United Publishing co., LTD; 1st edition (December 1, 2017), with Guo Boya, Jiang Shan, Li Leyuan, Shang Yingnan and Tang Keyang
Exhibition Curator, Wandering through Newspaper, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA), 12/2017
Curator Assistant, Tang Keyang Studio, 2014-2016
CLUSTER-SSoA Mapping Workshop, Cairo, 02/2015
Research Assistant, NWU, 03/2013-06/2014
Assistant Designer, Zhongsheng Planning & Design Institute, Xi'an, 02/2016-current
President of Student Union, NWU, 2012-2013

Seed Grant, Design Trust Hong Kong, 2024
Fellowship, Royal Geographical Society, since 2023
Advanced HE, since 2023
Research Grants, UCARO, 2023-2024
Research Support Funds, School of the Arts, UoL, 2018-2020
LAHP Student Bursary, London Arts and Humanities Partnership, 2018
50th Anniversary Alumni Prize, SSoA, 2016
Outstanding Graduate Award, NWU, 2014
First-class Scholarship, NWU, 2013
The NWU Journalist Award, NWU, 2010

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